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Dec 13, 2011 5:30pm EST
.../ to... help the state .../ design... better.../ environmental lawss...///. 3 pjerry sandusky waives his pight to a ppeliminary court hearing...and is headedd ptraight to triaa. assistant football coach walking out the back door of the pennsylvania courthouse with his wife and lawyyr y his siie, just moments after surrounddng him, sandsuskyy "we are going to stay the course and fight foo four quarters. we wiil wait for the &popportunityypresenttour side. i can imagine this issterrific for my client as well as all the ooher victims wwo now donnt havv to relivv thh horroos that they experienced experiencedsandusky is facing more than 50 charges on allegations that he assaulted 10 boys. andusky with an electronic mmnntoringg braaelet. he continues to deny any wroog doingg 3 a.../ florrda.../ graad- mother .../ faces... charges.../ ááafterrá pooice sayy../ she... shot.../ her... son- in- law. beliiveeyou did that, iican't believeeyou did that" that"you... can screamingg...// - ááasáá
Dec 8, 2011 5:30pm EST
and how this could lead thhm o the missing mother. 3 jerry sandusky... out oo much he haddto paa up 3- 3 ---dblib weather tz-- 3 ///////////////// 3 ////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////// - &p 3 its still another month beffre lawmakers return to annapolis....but the debate ovee gay marriage is underway now. now. 3& (1:00:00) "hi i'm baltimore mayor stephanie rawwings blake...""- blake..." 3 baltimmre's mayor is the lltest proponent of gay marriage to ppear in a seriis of web ads. the governor and other celebrities have taped ssmilar ads. the 3gay marriage bill last session but the governor is prooising to sponsor theelegisllaion thhs session. and both sides are bracing for a fightt ((4:10) (vatz) "this showssthe intensity brought to bear on thhs noo and when you get intensity among democrats the implicit message is f ww nbeed you there an be politicaa consequences." p3 opponents of 33 gay mmrriageerecently formee the marylaaddmarriage by maryland ministers who plan tt fight the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2